Tissus-LumineuxWe engage in turning breaking-barrier ideas into reality by providing unique technological solutions.

Our new media add-ons aim at triggering all five senses towards the creation of memorable experiences.

Your most ambitious applications are made possible by using our soft LED, screen, sound, UV, Fiber optics, and recognition technologies.

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Our Different Technologies

Enhanced interactivity

Advense combines various sensors with all its technological lighting solutions as to improve impact with your audience.

  1. Motion sensors
  2. Sound sensors
  3. Touch sensors
  4. Liquid sensors
  5. Temperature sensors
  6. Light sensors
  7. Time sensors
  8. Vibration sensors
  9. And many more…

Textile Lighting!

Fiber optic refers to the medium and the technology associated with the transmission of information as light impulses along a glass or plastic wire or fiber.

Our special fabric which incorporates hundreds of very, very fine optical fibres woven into it can be used to create  a shimmering effect as light escapes from the surface of the fibres.

The fibres can be illuminated by either LEDs or optical fibres, depending on the specific circumstances of the installation. The cloth can be made up incorporated in items of soft furnishings, but would also work well in more permanent features such as wall panels.

No Power source!

An object is said to glow in the dark when it emits light without being connected to a source of power, such as an electrical current or a battery, and without emitting more than a small amount of heat. The hands on a mechanical watch, toys, paints and novelty items are examples of things that sometimes glow in the dark.

The most common way of making an object glow in the dark is to use chemicals called phosphors to produce light. Objects that are coated with these chemicals need to be exposed to light before they can glow in the dark. The light energizes the phosphors and excites their electrons. As the electrons slowly lose this extra energy, the releasing of the energy creates light .

Black Magic!

Blacklight ink or blacklight-reactive Ink is ink that glows under a black light, a source of light whose wavelengths are primarily in the ultraviolet. The paint may or may not be colorful under ordinary light. It is also known as  luminous paint or fluorescent paint.

Blacklight paints can be mixed with similar shades of normal pigments, « brightening » them when viewed in sunlight. (cfr Wikipedia)

Uv Ink can be applied on almost any surfaces. A few common applications in our field of expertises are : Bottles, labels, packaging, posters, clothes.

Digital INK !

Actually it is not ink, it is a type of display film  and is used in electronic displays, such as E-books. Old cellphone also used e-ink technology in its screen. ‘Electronic Ink’ works by using electronically charged micro-capsules suspended in a clear fluid, the polarity of the charge changing the appearance of these mini-points (pixels) from light to dark, or vice versa. The nature of e-ink and the relatively simply process involved means that the film can be applied to almost any material/surface, including glass, fabric and paper.

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